discerning blog readers will have noticed i haven't posted anything so far this year - oh no!

partly it’s due to Life Being That Way, partly because i haven't made much progress this year on the projects i was hoping to write about, and partly it’s just me getting in my own head about what makes a Good Enough Post

but that's a bit silly, isn't it? I think nicky flowers has the right idea in this blog post - so here's to writing smaller, less perfect posts (but also to being ok with writing no posts at all if i don't feel like it)

this weekend has been cloudy and gray after a stretch of sunshine - i went for a walk earlier this week with my game boy camera and took some pictures of dandelions growing in the back alleys near where i live (the beeps drew one neighbor to their back fence and we ended up having a conversation about vintage calculators). i haven't had time to do anything with them yet, but you can check out my older photos here if you want

something else i've been getting into lately is bookmarklets - little javascript programs you keep in your browser bookmarks that can do useful (or just fun!) things with a webpage you have open. maybe someday i'll write more about what i appreciate about them (for starters, because bookmarklets are saved locally by your browser, once you save one it's yours to keep and modify as you see fit - you never have to worry about it being changed or taken down unexpectedly)

for now though, here's a fun little bookmarklet i made - a clone of a certain popular word-guessing game:


to play:

here's my results from playing today using the full text of the tempest:

(5/19/2024 @ https://shakespeare.mit.edu/tempest/full.html)

if you play, send me your score - hopefully you'll do better than me!

(note: the word the game chooses stays the same if you play on the same page and the same day as someone else, allowing for friendly competition if you want that)

see y'all around!


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